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News from my current visit to Benin City

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Dear members & supporters, dear friends of Miracle's aid project,

I've been back from Nigeria since mid-February. Finally, I get to tell you about the exciting progress.

School buses:

Since our old school bus was increasingly failing due to the stress of the poor road conditions, we now had to buy two more used buses. We have had these prepared and they are already in operation. We couldn't give away the old school bus. So we repaired it again and decided that the old bus would be used once a week and the new ones twice a week. In this way, we can reduce the use of the individual buses and guarantee our school children a safe journey to school again.

Establishment of the boarding school:

We have temporarily set up three currently unused classrooms as boarding schools in order to enable students with a long journey to school or difficult family circumstances to continue attending school. It now has 16 beds, 8 for girls and 8 for boys. Each child has their own locker for clothes, shoes and other items. The third room serves as a lounge area for all the children, there is a large L-shaped sofa with space for 10 people and a small sofa with space for 3 people. There is also a TV and a small living room table. The construction of the boarding school, which is located behind the school building, is already being realized.

Solar system:

The solar system was successfully installed in January. For this purpose, 7 workers were employed for 3.5 weeks. Thanks to the solar system, we can now generate our own electricity and thus reduce our running costs and guarantee a constant power supply. This electricity is used to operate the well and the fans, enable computer lessons and provide light for school classes and street lighting.

Corona in Nigeria:

Nigeria currently has a low number of infections. Despite this positive news, the government has decided to take preventive measures all schools and kindergartens from Monday, March 23rd. to close for four weeks. We very much support this decision as the health of our school children is our top priority. The learning content for the current school year has already been fully developed. Only the high school students have to take the exams. The Nigerian government is dealing responsibly with the current situation. Due to the Ebola crisis of 2014, the country took many measures to be better prepared for crises such as the corona pandemic.

Back in Regensburg we received the good news from the school management that the number of our school children has increased from 230 to 257. This is also due to you. Therefore we would like to thank you for all your support!

Your miracle